I’ll tell you a story about a girl that always got what she wanted.  She wasn’t the eldest or the youngest in line with her siblings, instead she was second. Being second is one of the best places anyone can be, depending on what cards the Fates play you. Being second means receiving more than the first. Being second means escaping the blame.  Being second also means, well who cares? This particular girl is a second; a lying, sneaky, demeaning second. She makes life harder for those around her.  Everyday it was something different. “I want that dress!”, she would shout. “I want a puppy!”, she would stamp her foot. Time after time after time things would be given to her upon her demand. Parents running, aiding her every beck and call for any item she saw.

Soon she grew weary seeing her siblings happy with what they had and not admiring her for what she had. Jealousy consumed her, and she plotted against her them. Suddenly small things, unnoticeable things would go missing. No one would mention the missing item, assuming they simply misplaced it and would soon find it again. Time would pass with people forgetting about the item. Suddenly the item would reappear, and she would have it in her possession, skipping joyously down the halls with whichever item suited her fancy.  In the beginning everyone let it go, until…

One day a precious piece of jewelry that belonged to the first had gone missing from her jewelry box. Now the first was smart and had known she placed it every time she had worn it back into the jewelry box. She had not worn it for sometime so could not remember what she had done with it. The first searched frantically for the item, even calling on the third sibling’s help. After hours of digging, and searching it was dinner time. The third said she’d help after dinner and left.

Everyone gathered in the dinning room to sit and eat. The first joined the rest slowly, a little distraught having possibly lost her favorite trinket. She sat down at the table not touching her food.  “Pass the bread!” the second cried, but the first did not move.  The second scowled at her sibling and said it again, “Pass the bread!” the first moved closer to the table finally lifting her head as she grabbed the bread ready to throw it at the second when she noticed what was around her neck. “YOU STOLE IT!” she shouted at the second. She stood up pushing her chair back, running around the table to yank the trinket from the second. “Stole what!!” the second screamed back. The father caught the first, while the mother stopped the second from getting up from the table.  “What is this all about? ” Father scorned at his two daughters. The first pointed and shouted at the second, “That necklace, that’s my necklace, she stole it!!” Father looked at the second and asked her, “Did you steal that from your sister?” The second looked, almost in tears, shaking her head, “No.. ” she cried, “Mother bought this for me.” Father looked at Mother, and Mother sighed as she looked at the necklace and shrugged, “I do believe she is right.. ”  Father nodded and set the first in her chair, “There you have it.. the necklace is hers. Now lets eat. ”

This was not the only incident to occur. Several other very similar incidents happened along the way but the seconds story changed as she grew older. At times it was she received the item as a gift from a friend, or from a party she attended. Everytime she got away with the lie she smiled and made snide remarks to her sisters, “See.. its mine now.” She laughed because she didn’t care if they didn’t like her because she had what they wanted. They wanted her things.