My bare feet embracing a soft, lushly green meadow while my heart pounds deep beneath my breast and I twirl in the ecstasy. The folds of a sheer cotton skirt billowing in the spin breeze created with putting one foot in front of the other. Arms spread wide in the blue openness of the crisp, wild mountain air. The air is so fresh, so new, so wonderful that just taking a deep breath stings my nose and lungs. I am left trying to grasp more of this wonderful; seemingly timeless moment in space where every little bit of life seems perfect.

A sunny sky dotted with puffy, silver lined clouds, and a tree just in the distance to rest under. I climb that tree, branches stretching its arms out wide to embrace the clouds. It too yearns to dance in the sky. The wind whistles to me as I lay upon the cradling branches. I bask in the joy of the moment, and enjoy the succulent fruit produced by Mother Nature.

I Am Home.