dizzy, dazed, dreaming.
caught somewhere, half-way there.
not too hot, but definitely not cold.
I’m caught,somewhere, in the in-between.

stagnate pool of dirt and muck,
the hot and humid air creating
a vacuum suction between my skin and clothes
drenched in sweat, pouring like rain,
mosquitoes buzzing all around,
humming hungrily for my blood.
I’m caught,dizzy, in the in-between.

open close, open close
not asleep, not awake
can’t think, can’t sleep
head throbbing in this misty visage
throat dry and scratchy
tongue can’t make the words.
I’m caught, dazed, in the in-between.

Soft breezed rolls in,
sun shining, casting between the clouds
leaves rustle to the wind’s humming
silent, serene, simple, salaam
i’m caught, dreaming, in the in-between.