I knew all the particulars; the who, when, where, when, how and even the why. I was cheered gleefully into this world. Little did everyone know what I knew. What I knew the moment I came, quietly into life. Surrounded by people I knew, but didn’t really know. Being born is quite a trip, so I lay tired in my bed. People came from miles around to see me, bring me gifts of priceless items, money and perfumes. Little did they suspect what I had come here to do.

Years later the time had come.  Still no one knew what I knew. On the eve of my death I spoke the truth to a solemn few, friends I trusted, friends I knew. “I tell you the truth when I say this, a betrayer sits at our table.” My friends were shocked and worried. Many asked, but there were two who knew. Myself, and my betrayer.  We shared our meal and I had left to contemplate.

The day had come, i had been betrayed and denied.  The time had come for the people to choose. To kill me, or to kill a murderer. They called and they shouted, the people knew not of their actions. Not all rejoiced at my short comings. I was beaten, I was battered. I was bruised and blood was spilt. And then for more torture I was hung for all to see, for crimes I never commited. There were many tears. My spirit gave way.

I have been given a cursed blessing. From moment of conception my fate was sealed.  No one but I knew of this blessing, this curse. My name is Jesus and I was born to die.