I’ve felt it. That force. The pressure. That enormous weight pressing down on your skin. The feeling slowly forcing you to the ground, weighing up on you so heavily your body strains to breathe. Gravity. The unseen force we, trying as humans always do, try so forcefully to go against. We try and want to fly but this weight keeps up down. Now through science and engineering we have create flight through force and pressure. But what goes up, must come down. Its the Law. Its the Law that keeps up so confined to our feet, to our knees, to our bellies. Tied, and strapped down to this crusty wasteland. Its the Law that denies us the freedom to fly, to be weightless. But.. there is another Law. Equal and opposite reaction. So for every push, I MUST push back. For every tug, I must tug harder. And when it seems that I can no longer breathe.. I must breathe. I must be the force that flys, and soars. I must be the force that goes against the Law, fight to overturn the Law.

i am the null, the void, the ANTI-gravity. I am Levity.