.self containment.

.misunderstood conceptional feelings.

I sit here lost in the crowd of people, alone in my other world. By no means am I depressed, or repressed. Compressed into a single form, stuck here in this space. Unable to move, barely able to see. Could I become something new, move past the limitations? Perhaps I miss conceptualized the final outcomes.

I’m fighting against an unseen force, something that brings me to my knees in a single motion. I’m smiling through the pain, fighting against the odds. I dare not share the burden, the faults of myself.


I’ll be honest. I want to scream. I want to sail away. I want.. no no no.. i need to get away sometimes. I’m tired of this. The pain, the in between, this utter sickness i feel deep inside. I’m nice, yes, and I share love for all, but I hold this utter frustration and anger with people. How can i be so kind and so patient? How am I so understanding? WHY? These pains, theses aches, are wearing me down to the marrow.