Here is a tid bit from the pages of my life I thought I might share today.

Besides choosing today to come back to blogging, I also work in the customer service industry. I am also a customer on a regular basis! Funny, I believe we all are at some point.

I love the anonymity that the interface of the web and over the telephone gives us. We can be miles apart, or right next door and never know. We could be astronauts, teachers, or CEO’s. In these particular mediums, we can be whomever we choose. So my thought to ponder is why would anyone choose to be purposefully unpleasant.  Now, lets admit it… we have all done it. We’ve picked up the phone, or gotten into that little chat window and blasted someone on the other line. We are not mad at them by any means. We may be irritated with what they are telling us, but its mostly the situation or the company. However, why are we taking our frustrations out on that single individual? Is it really their fault? How would you feel if it were you yelling at you?


Just an insight for the day.  Carry on.


Customer Service, does not mean personal doormat. They are there to service the customer to the maximum potential that their company allows. Be sure to pass on a smile, a heart felt thank you, and some kind words the next time you see someone in a customer service position. Why? It just as easily could have been you in their shoes.