I like to write.

Simple really. I used to write little tales and fan fiction all the time. I could write for hours on end just spilling my guts onto the paper and at the end of it all…wow… there was this completely woven tale that would have most young adult just hanging off each letter. I guess I developed this love over the course of my life by my love of reading and adventuring into other people’s stories. Now its just something I do occasionally if a random, wild hair goes flying across my cheeks.  Its a little sad really.

I noticed it the other day. I feel like I have grown up and grown ‘old’ so to speak. I definitely don’t feel the youth of days gone by and by and I definitely don’t day dream like I used to. Perhaps it is my lack of reading, lack of child like innocence or the events of my life that have stolen the dewy eyed child that stared at the stars and marveled at their distance. However, I do also contribute my lack of word vomit to my adulthood. I have gotten so caught up in being an adult. Its an honest thing really, not a mistake, but it just happens. We put away childish things to do the things we feel we are ‘supposed’ to be doing. I will give you an example of my day as it was today.

I woke up, sluggish mind you, at about 6:50am. Why so early on a Saturday? Normally on Saturday we get up and go to this little hole in the wall type diner to have breakfast with the hubs family, however on this particular,dreary, and shall I dare say again, sluggish morning, I had to be up to work. Thankfully due to certain career choices, I work from home in the customer service industry. Lucky me. I deter. My day normally begins with first things first, turning on my computer. While it hums and whizzes away, I traipse my way into the bathroom, where this morning I was greeted with a separate climate much like the one you would find if the sun suddenly collided with a frozen over hell.

I slump down onto the floor, and open the cabinet underneath the sink. This is where I have decided to keep our cat box. Not only does it save space, it helps to keep the floors clean. ** This is an excellent space saver tip if you have nothing else to use your under the skin for! **
So I clean this mess of urine and fecal matter, that my four loving furry children have decided to leave for me. By the time I have completed this task, the four of them are underfoot, and demanding my attention. “Slave! Feed me slave!” they yell, mingling in between my feet. Our biggest, Ninja, sits a top the container which houses the food and just looks at me in my PJ’s with a look that just says, “Well… are you going to feed me now?”

Funny side note, for such a big cat, he really has the tiniest and most pathetic of meows.

So once they are fed, I must now contend with two mix breed, Heinz 57 rescue mutts; Lily and Hero. These two are kennel trained as that is how I have done it with all of my dogs, and I believe in kennel training animals as a safety thing. This I won’t discuss at the moment, perhaps in another blog!

By the time I get to the dogs, they are prancing about in there cage, making what sounds like a poor dance rehearsal to a strange salsa / conga tap dancing session. I portion there food out in their bowl. ** Yes they share a bowl. Yes I portion their food, I do not free feed as they are food hounds and would eat till they exploded. I also research my pets food and do my best to feed them what I feel would be the best for them, especially since I have one of them that is a special needs. Perhaps this is another topic I will cover in another blog** There food is portioned and I put their head collars on and take them outside.

I live in a fairly large apartment complex, and in the mornings we will go down and walk around for a while. Rain, Snow, Sleet, Hail, or blazing tropical sun beams, either way we are outside, me in my PJ’s and sometimes slippers with little doggy poo poo baggies ready and waiting for the steaming stool to fall. We will mosey around till about 7:30 am or so, or until I’m too tired to walk anymore and just want to get inside. We will then climb the two flights of mountainous stairs up to the top floor of the complex to our home.

Once inside the beasts are let loose and I attend, finally and hopefully, to myself. This morning I was a little slow to the draw and kept placing things down and forgetting where I sat them. This happens quite often for me you will soon find out. I set myself up for the day to work at my computer, with hopefully little to no distraction. Sent my hubby to breakfast with my order, not realizing until later, I should have ordered the pancakes!

From there I started work today at 8am and was a customer service lackey till 4:30pm. The highs of my job are when I get genuine people who truly appreciate my help in there situation and the lows… well they aren’t as pretty. **You can check out my blog post on customer service. Hug a CS Rep Today! is soon to be a new ad campaign that will never get off the ground, but would be a nice thought*

This is, mildly put, an average day. After work is fairly simple. I cook, I clean, my hub comes home, we pray, we eat, we play, we sleep. The gears are reset and our keys are rewound so we can rise and do it all over again.

I would tell you more about today, but there really isn’t much to say. I finished my Thank you letters, bought a mother’s day gift, listened to other people whine or snap and argue with me, an art major, about color, and all the while balance schedules and budgets. I’m not a pro, but I do love numbers.

But this is my life. 🙂

-Till next time