Along with writing what I want, I have also decided to open up my shop on etsy. I’ve been meaning to do this in the long run, I’ve always just been a little on the lazy side to doing it. Not to mention I’m overly nit-picky on anything I create and not sure if I’d like to mass produce my wares for the public. However, I have decided to take the plung and finally put it up.

Currently I have just a couple items up there, but I have things in mind and will be adding more as soon as I make them to share 🙂

So why the sudden art flex? Well, the items I’ve posted thus far are things I actually made for my wedding and had so many great compliments on. I have been talking with a friend of mine for the longest time about creating items and posting them up there, but we never really got off the ground. We have a lot of great ideas and I had a lot of spare time when we had discussed it, but for one reason or another we didn’t really follow through with the idea. Either way, I’m doing it now.

Here are a the items I’ve posted and the link. Feel free to browse and support a starving artist in the making. 🙂 Who knows, I might actually quit my job and really become a starving artist!

Kerokda – On Etsy

Kerokda – On Zazzle



I have also opened up a shop on Zazzle for some of my actual art work to use on printed products. From T-shirts, ball caps, pins to stamps, my designs are made to be featured on several range of products and will be featured here.

Please note  the SHOP links to the right of the page here. I will link any other shops I open up here. I would also like to note here, on some of these sites, I only receive a small percentage of the actual total, not the total sale price you may see. Either way, every contribution helps, and is greatly appreciated!

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