I made a decision this past sunday to tell my best friend that I had feelings for him. It went over like a lead balloon. I’m still single, so obviously my affection is not returned. In fact, the shitty thing is he was trying to hook up with someone while I was pouring my heart out. Yeah. Sucks.

Anyways. I decided in that moment that “If I can have a heart for someone like him, and love all the wrong people.. imagine finding and loving the right person?” So, I put out a couple of online dating profiles, and so far its been great. I have been talking with several gentlemen, getting to know them and even went on one date.

The date was a little weird. Nice guy, please don’t mistake. Open my door, helped me out of his truck and lol, even off the sidewalk ledge ( I was in heels. 😀 ) He’s a little corny, and the awkward part is the constant joke. There was no real, in depth getting to know one another conversation. I haven’t been out dating in a while, and I don’t think he has either, so it kinda makes sense, but at the same time. Who knows? Either way, it was a great experience for me to be treated like a lady and treated out.

Well then yesterday, a guy I have been crushing on, but haven’t really been ready to pursue came back into town. He came to where I work and every time he comes in, he hugs me like we are old friends that haven’t seen each other in years. That super tight, real embrace. Well, Ladies in the crowd, take my advice. Put yourself out there and ask a man out! I did, and it worked! I told him, “So what are we doing tonight?” 🙂 Not really giving him the option. By golly, it worked and I’m so, SO happy I did. I admitted to him that I had a thing for him since we had first met and he said that’s exciting to hear. We stayed together last night and both admitted to having an incredible night. I laughed so hard and so much my face and sides were starting to hurt. He taught me to play a virtual golf game, and not to brag, but the second time around, I actually did pretty well! The wonderful part of it all, honestly, was listening to him play his music for me. He is amazing and incredibly talented. I love the way his smile reaches his eyes, and what a beautiful soul he has.

I’ll admit. I like him. I really like him. My mind wants to wander and see where it may all lead. I’m hoping for more, but just holding myself back and taking it steady. I feel like a kid in a candy store. So excited by the possibilities, but having to pace myself.

Until Next Time