I’ve been doing the research on getting back into blogging and what to blog about. With a myriad of choices at my finger tips, its hard to just pick one thing in my life that I am overwhelmingly passionate about to share with the internet. So with that thought in mind I made the decision to just write. That is what this page was always originally about anyways. Writing what I want, when  I want to write.

So, as to the question of a blogging schedule that you can rely on, that is out of the question at the moment as I am writing life, about life, my life. Life is always surprising and sporadic, and while on certain days I follow a strict schedule of duties, on others I go wherever the wind takes me.

I will certainly do my best to not overwhelm my followers with constant blog posts blathering on about nothing. I will do my best to keep my content relevant to topic and keep my shiny nickle moments to myself (unless I’m making a shiny nickle blog..which might not be a bad idea….) I make no guarantee that a sudden whim may take me, and i will write several blogs in a day, while turning around and not writing one for a couple of days.

This is my promise to you.

-Until next time.